We are pleased to announce that CADS will implement changes to the Instructor Certification Program this fall. In this document you will find information on the key changes, and what they’ll mean to current CADS Instructors.

Why is the CADS Instructor Certification Program changing?

The changes to the CADS Instructor Certification Program will ensure that CADS continues to set the standard for safe, effective technical instruction, and to provide opportunities for more people with disabilities to safely experience adaptive snow sports to the best of their abilities. These changes also ensure that the CADS Instructor Certification Program:

  • Is consistent across the country,
  • Is consistent with the CSIA / CASI methodology,
  • Is consistent with the Alpine Canada Long-Term Skier Development, and with other partners,
  • Is consistent with and supported by an improved, up-to-date instructor manual, and
  • Encourages succession planning for Course Conductors, Examiners, and Senior Examiners.

Key Changes

A.     Modular Approach to Level I and Level II Certification

  • Additional instruction has been added to the Level I and Level II Certification
  • Level I and II certification can be taken as a full course, or by modules.
  • Each module has a specific focus and they are:
    • 3-Track / 4-Track Module (3&4T)
    • Visually Impaired Module (VI)
    • Sit-ski Module (SS)
    • NEW! Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Cognitively Impaired Module (ASD/CI)
    • Snowboard Module (2016-2017 season)


  • In order to achieve each level of certification, all of the modules for the level must be passed.
  • If an instructor does not complete all of the modules in a given level, he or she will be considered a specialist in ______________(name of the module). Moreover, participant will not be able to advance to the next level of certification until all of the modules at the current level are successfully completed.

B.     Simplified Certification Levels and Certification Requirements

  • Volunteer :
    • Volunteers are allowed to teach if trained properly and under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • New Certification Levels are as follows:
    • Level I Instructor
    • Level II Instructor
    • Level III Instructor
      • Level III Course Conductor
    • Level IV Instructor
      • Level IV Examiner
  • There will no longer be a Level IIA Certification. Current Level IIA Instructors are encouraged to complete the remaining Level II Modules (ASD/CI), and to pursue Level III certification.
  • New Level III and Level IV Instructor certification requirements ensure that senior instructors have broad skills and experience and become CADS ambassador.
  • New Level III Course Conductor and Level IV certification requirements ensure that those delivering certification courses are effective, competent teachers and ambassador.

C.     Cost Structure

CADS Course Fee (Full Course) $50 + Division fees for admin.
CADS Course Fee (per Module) $20 + Division fees for admin.
Electronic Manual in PDF format $5
Hard Colored Copy Manual (OPTIONAL- available upon request) $25 + Shipping
  • The CADS course fee reflects the cost of developing and maintaining the certification program and manual over time.
  • All participants are required to purchase a manual, either in electronic PDF format or hard colored copy. The manual contains information for all modules, and all levels, and need only be purchased once.
  • Divisions may charge additional course fees to cover expenses related to courses.
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