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 CADS is a national sports association that is recognized both nationally and internationally, with over 4,000 active members with a disability, volunteers & certified instructors from across all regions of Canada and a mission to develop and promote adaptive snow sports through partnerships, training, and instructor certification programs. CADS, directly and through its CADS Divisions and CADS Local Programs provide opportunities for people with disabilities in Canada to experience the joy of participating and/or competing in alpine adaptive snow sports.

For the past 40 years of its history, CADS has touched the lives of thousands of individuals , families and their communities both on and off slope through the impacts that adaptive snowsports has on the life of a person with disabilities. CADS is recognized within the sporting community as providing sports for life and high quality programs and enhanced physical literacy for persons with a disability. Our annual CADS Ski & Snowboard Festival is a week-long ski & snowboard improvement festival that draws about 170—200 volunteer instructors and persons with disabilities from all across the country and is a magical experience for all participants. The 2018 CADS Ski & Snowboard Festival is at Mont Saint-Anne, QC from March 19th to 23.


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